Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Miles Between by Mary Pearson

Destiny has been at Hedgebrook longer than any other boarding school. Her parents shipped her off beginning when she was seven. She knows better than to get attached. Whenever she starts to get attached to a place, she's shipped to another school.

October 19th comes around--a bad day in Des' mind. It's the day she was abandoned, and her and her mom's birthday, all rolled into one. So when she finds a car, engine running, door open, and a stranger asking her what she wants, she decides to seize the opportunity. She grabs Seth, Mira, and Aidan and they begin a road trip that will be the greatest trip of their lives.

A well-written story with many twists and turns. Some things seem a little far-fetched, but the story works well together and it makes you believe that all things are possible.

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