Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hamlet by John Marsden

Hamlet, the prince of Denmark, just lost his father. His boyhood friend, Horatio, tries to get Hamlet to open up about his grieving. One night, Horatio wakes Hamlet to tell him about the ghost he's seen--of Hamlet's father. The ghost charges Hamlet with avenge his murder.

Hamlet bids his time, trying to decide if what he saw was real. As he believes the ghost was real, his demeanor also changes. His stepfather--his uncle--and the new king decides to get rid of Hamlet before the situation gets any worse. Hamlet gets his revenge, but manages to kill the entire family in the process.

Marsden reworks Hamlet and tries to make it more modern. it works in the beginning of the story, but as it moves to the conclusion--there isn't time. It's an excellent retelling of Shakespeare's tale.

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