Saturday, March 27, 2010

Into the Wild Nerd Yonder by Julie Halpern

Jessie is just beginning her sophomore year of high school and couldn't be more frustrated. Over the summer, her two best friends have gone through some sort of transformation and have become punk overnight. Jessie doesn't feel like she belongs with them anymore, especially after they use her as an excuse to hang out with her older brother's band and specifically, the drummer, Nick.

Bizza especially is interested in Nick, despite knowing Jessie's huge crush on him. The two start dating, and flaunting it in Jessie's face. The beginning of the end, as far as Jessie's concerned.

So now she needs new friends. She can't help but wonder about her social status when she starts spending time with Dottie and her Dungeons and Dragons friends. What will her brother say? What will people think at school? And should she care?

Jessie struggles with where she fits in, as does her brother. I got fed up with her two "best" friends way before Jessie did, but I found her loyalty towards them touching and realistic. This is a great book about the pitfalls and dramas of high school friendships and fallouts.

A great story with smarts, romance, role playing, and costumes!

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