Monday, March 8, 2010

Mr. Darcy, Vampyre by Amanda Grange

Ok ok, this isn't a teen book, but I indulge in my Jane Austen addiction every once in a while.

In Mr. Darcy, Vampyre, we begin the story the day of Elizabeth and Jane's weddings. Both girls are excited, and everything goes smoothly. As Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy leave Longbourn, Darcy announces his intentions of their visiting the Continent instead of the Lake District, while peace has broken out. So they head to France. Darcy is aloof and Elizabeth begins to doubt her decision to marry him. However, once he learns of her uncertainty, he demonstrates his affection more clearly.

Or so Elizabeth thinks. Before long the couple is headed into the Alps to visit Darcy's uncle. Elizabeth is enchanted by the castle but it isn't long before they're attacked by a group of villagers and Elizabeth and Darcy are forced to flee. Next, they head to Italy and Venice. Venice brings them all sorts of new adventures and pleasures, until the weather turns cold and then they're off to Rome.

Meanwhile, the Darcys have not consummated their relationship, and Elizabeth begins to believe their marriage was a mistake. She learns Darcy's dark secret by mistake after being attacked by the oldest vampyre in the world, who also wants Elizabeth.

This wasn't the best book for the Elizabeth/Darcy story, but it was still entertaining. You know what the problem is with Mr. Darcy way before Elizabeth figures it out (it is in the title), and there are enough other paranormal things happening that you wonder what else might be afoot (like, what attacks Elizabeth). I enjoyed reading it, especially as they traveled throughout Europe, hoping to find a solution for Darcy's fears.

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