Saturday, March 27, 2010

Token of Darkness by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Cooper survived a horrible car accident only to be left with injuries, scars, and Samantha. He's the only one that can see her, so they assume she's a ghost. The only problem with that is Cooper can't find any record of a girl like her dying, so he doesn't know how he can help her. All Samantha wants is a body.

Brent runs into Cooper in the library when they both start researching ghosts. Brent can hear what other people are thinking and has been trying to control it. He can also see Samantha, but not for very long. Brent's ability draws the attention of Delilah, who is also interested in Cooper and his mysterious invisible friend. All Cooper wants to do is help Samantha. Delilah, however, has other plans.

The idea behind this story is interesting, and the telling is entertaining. However, there are some things that are mentioned but never resolved, and too many things going on for such a small book. A change of pace from vampires and shapeshifters, but only because there are neither in the book. Still paranormal with some romance thrown in.

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