Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly

Andi's younger brother Truman was killed and since that day, she's just been going through the motions. She believes his death was all her fault and feels she has no reason to keep on living. With her mother grieving and her father busy with his new wife, no one really seems to notice Andi on the edge.

Then Andi's father reappears and drags her off to Paris. Hoping to finish her senior project and get back to her mother, Andi finds the diary of a young woman stuffed in an old guitar case. The young woman lived during the French Revolution and was the companion to Louis-Charles, the young French prince. Andi feels a connection and affection for Alex as she reads more of what life was like during the Revolution. And somehow, after another attempted suicide, Andi is transported back to Alex's finish what Alex started for the young prince.

A moving and vivid novel. The imagery is fantastic, but the characters really make the story. I could hardly put the book down.

My only complaint is the lack of information at the end of the book, detailing what was fact and what was fiction. This could also be my laziness in not going to find out for myself, but I think the book would have only benefited from that information.

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