Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Siren by Tricia Rayburn

Vanessa and Jessica look forward to their summer vacation every year. They head up the coast of Maine to Winter Harbor and spend most of their time together with the two boys next door, Simon and Caleb.

But one night Jessica gets angry at her parents and jumps off their favorite cliff--and disappears, along with Caleb.

Determined to learn more about her sister and best friend's life, Nessa heads back to Maine to find and talk with Caleb. Instead, she learns far too much about the creatures inhabiting the coast, as more bodies wash up on shore.

A thriller I could not put down. Although I guessed Nessa's true identity long before she does, the mystery keeps the pages turning. This is more of a "will they stop them at some point" rather than a "will they stop it in time" thriller. Lots of action, some romance, and of course, family secrets.

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