Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vampire Crush by A.M. Robinson

Sophie lives a normal life with her stepsister Caroline, her father, and her stepmother. She writes for the paper and is sure she'll be editor-in-chief when her junior year starts.

But her first assignment is not at all what she imagined it would be. There are 8 new students in school and she's asked to interview 4 of them for the paper--Vlad, Marisol, Violet, and Nevielle. Sophie notices strange behavior from all 4...a couple of them are very old-fashioned, and they look to Vlad as a leader. Thrown into the mix is her old neighbor James--tormentor extraordinaire--who is back in town and seems to know a little too much about Vlad and his group.

Sophie gets a chance to learn more for herself when she follows Vlad into the woods after school one day--more than she ever wanted to know. Now she's on a mission before Vlad bites every girl at school and stop him from finding what he believes is his ticket to acceptance in the vampire world.

Ok, so you basically know what's going to happen as the book begins. Vlad and his clan are all vampires, and they're looking for some girl who descended from a bunch of other vampires. Vlad has an evil plot to take over the vampire world...or just become part of it. Sophie and James obviously have feelings for each other, although things get complicated.

What I really enjoyed about this novel was the characters' abilities to laugh at each other and themselves. There's nothing new here besides humor. It did make all the difference.

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