Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Slice of Cherry by Dia Reeves

Ok, this is one of the strangest books I've read in a long time. Nothing is explained right away, so it's hard to describe without giving too much information away.

Fancy and her older sister Kit live with their mom in a town named Portero. Their father, known as the Bonesaw Killer, is currently in jail due to the people he murdered, hacked up, and hid all over town. Portero isn't just any town however. It bridges a gap between our reality and others, so there are all sorts of creatures who come out to play--monsters. There are also doors that lead other places and those doors can be dangerous.

Back to Fancy and Kit. The two of them share a love of killing things, just like their father. When the first embark on their rampage, they decide to limit their killings to people who deserve it. Fancy worries about getting caught, so she is granted a wish of having a place where the bodies will never be found. This opens a door to the 'happy place' where everything is under Fancy and Kit's control. But soon that's not enough for fact, she loses some of her taste for murder as she gets more interested in boys.

And Fancy never foresaw the repercussions of doing something 'good' for their fellow townspeople.

A very strange book. Some romance but mostly blood. Not really fantasy, but not really realistic fiction either. I did enjoy it, but really very strange.

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