Friday, July 29, 2011

Abandon by Meg Cabot

Pierce is very unusual. She died when she was 15. When she died, she went to the Underworld, but didn't know it. So when she saw John, the man she met after her grandfather's funeral in the cemetery, she asked him to save her. And he did.

Two years later she's alive--she was brought back to life--and moving with her mom to Isla Huesos, where her mother grew up and where she met John for the first time. Where she runs into John again, after having escaped his palace in the underworld when she was 15. She feels drawn to him, despite the danger. John fears for her safety, since the Furies try to destroy anyone he cares about. Can Pierce save herself and John? Or is it hopeless?

A good love story and twist on the Persephone and Hades story. This is the first in a trilogy, and although Pierce is a little slow on the uptake, it's well-written and she is a strong character. Can't wait for the other books!!

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