Friday, July 29, 2011

Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks

Cadel has not always been...good. He's a genius, and easily gets into trouble. After hacking several security agencies, he's no longer allowed access to a computer. And he has to start seeing a psychiatrist, Thaddeus Roth.

Thaddeus has another agenda. He's been hired by Cadel's real father, who is in jail, to take care of him. Nurture his bad side. And enrolls him into the Axis Institute, where Cadel can learn all sorts of things to begin his criminal career. He learns disguises, embezzlement, and gets access to all the computers he wants.

But putting together a lot of criminals and in a small space only works so long. And if Cadel has a change of heart and no longer trusts anyone...where can he turn? And who would survive being nice to him?

A good story, but A LOT of things happen. Lots of plot and intelligence. The book picks up about halfway through and goes faster.

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