Friday, July 29, 2011

Department 19 by Will Hill

Jamie Carpenter's dad has been labeled a traitor when Jamie was younger. In fact, Jamie saw him shot down right in front of their house by the government, and since then, Jamie's been in trouble.

One night Jamie's attacked by a girl his age who's a vampire. He can't believe it, but when he runs home to find his mother missing and an odd guy waiting for him, he starts to believe. Especially when he's rescued by Frankenstein.

Turns out, all the stories we shrug off as folklore are actually true. Dracula did exist and the men responsible for killing him started a secret government division--Department 19. Jamie's dad was a member, but he sold information about the department to keep Jamie and his mom safe. Now Jamie must learn all he can and fast, despite half the agency thinking him a traitor too. His mother's life depends on it.

While the story is pretty engrossing, it is a little long (over 500 pages). There are moments when it seems everything crawls by, but it picks up again. There are lots of flashbacks to explain how we got where we are today. The only point I found odd was every once in a while, you'd get a random thought from another character, not Jamie. Not usual. This is probably the first in a series too.

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