Friday, July 29, 2011

Flygirl by Sherri Smith

Ida Mae has always belonged in the skies. Her father was a pilot and taught her to fly. Trying to get her pilot's license, she is saving up enough money to attend a flight school in Chicago.

Then World War II begins and Pearl Harbor is bombed. Ida Mae's dreams go up in smoke. When she learns the army is looking for female pilots to fly cargo and supplies, she attempts the riskiest plan of all--passing as a white girl in order to enroll. She forges her license and she's in.

What she didn't count on was having to live two lives--fitting into the colored world back home and the white world outside of home. She feels like she's fading, the longer she holds up this farce. All in order to fly.

A fascinating historical book. The historical aspect is done well, but the main focus is on Ida Mae. I loved her character and the courage she has to face every obstacle. Highly enjoyable.

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