Friday, July 29, 2011

But I Love Him by Amanda Grace

Ann has been dating Connor for the past year. For their relationship, she's given up track, her friends, even her mom. She's even moved in with him now.

But Connor isn't the perfect boyfriend Ann envisioned. While he promised her from the beginning he would never hurt or hit her--he breaks that promise. Ann knows it's her fault--she's not doing things right--and he's always sorry afterwards.

The night of their one year anniversary, though, things go too far. And she has to figure out if she can really stay with someone like him.

An emotional and harrowing book. Ann and Connor are both sympathetic, although Connor loses that as time moves on. This book starts at the end of the year and moves backward in time, while flashing forward again to the present. A hard book to read, but even harder to put down.

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